What Are The Side effects of Garlic

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What Are The Side effects of Garlic?

This topic might sound inappropriate as we know garlic is a safe and beneficial herb. From keeping away inflammation to arthritis garlic is one and only herb which is super useful and effective. But apart from its benefits, it also has some side effects. However, you might not know that some of its side effects are life threatening. That is why we have discussed it’s bad side. Let us have a look to this.

Might Harmful to the liver:
We all are aware of the importance of the liver. It could be hurt by consuming excessive garlic. Though garlic is enriched with antioxidants; but this benefit might toxify the liver if consumed in excess. However, having any spice or herb too much can cause liver disease.

Nausea And Heartburn:
Sometimes consuming a fresh garlic clove, extract or the oil on an empty stomach can harm you badly. Having this can also cause nausea, vomiting, and heartburn. A renowned study says that the raw effect of garlic is not good for our digestive system as it might cause acidity which transforms to heartburn.

Bad Odour:
The bad odour is something which can be a reason of someone’s embarrassment at any time. It can turn off people and hurts your self-confidence. Garlic does this, due to its raw scent, one can get bad breath and body odour. We also know that not taking a good care of our personal hygiene is the reason of our body odour. But now add another reason is it. It is Garlic.

Might cause Bleeding:
Garlic can increase the risk of bleeding. That is why doctors usually ask to avoid consuming garlic during the course of blood-thinning medications. Fresh garlic causes more harm. You should stop garlic consumption two weeks prior to your scheduled surgery.

Skin problems:
Prolonged contact with garlic causes skin irritations. The enzyme in garlic causes the irritation. Als, Eczema could be a reason of having garlic. However, a report stated that certain hand rashes can be the result of contacting garlic regularly.

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