What are the side effects of consuming black pepper

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What are the side effects of consuming black pepper

Black pepper is a storehouse of essential nutrients and minerals. We all are well aware of the benefits of black pepper but we have hardly heard about the side effects of black pepper. We all know that excess of anything is harmful. But till the time we consume anything in moderation, it is good. But an excess of it definitely proves harmful for the body. Let’s discuss the side effects of black pepper in detail.

Causes burning sensation in the stomach: Black pepper is a hot spice. Consumption of black pepper in less quantity in food is acceptable to the body. But excessive use of black pepper in any dish might work the other way round. It causes a severe burning sensation in the stomach which can give you a real tough time.

Causes burning sensation in eyes and skin: Applying black pepper on the skin can cause irritation and burning sensation on the skin. It might go into your eyes and trouble you. So avoid applying it directly on the skin.

Can lead to miscarriage: If the proportion of black pepper is high during pregnancy, it might result in miscarriage. Thus, one should always consult a doctor before consuming excessive spices during pregnancy.

Causes Gastrointestinal problems: Black pepper being a hot spice, can cause the problem of gastro. Thus, it is advisable for people suffering from any stomach related problem, to avoid the use of black pepper.

Do not consume during pregnancy: Consumption of black pepper is prohibited during pregnancy. It may lead to stomach related problems and cause uneasiness. Being a hot spice in taste and flavour, it should be avoided as much as one can.
Besides this, it even infuses in breast milk, which might annoy the baby. So be cautious about the same.

Causes dryness of skin: Black pepper leads to skin dryness. If someone is already suffering from dryness should avoid the consumption of black pepper completely.

Causes respiratory problem: Excessive consumption of black pepper might lead to respiratory issues. It restricts the flow of oxygen thus making the breathing process difficult. It even irritates the lungs and could worsen the problems of asthma and bronchitis.

Might lead to death: Though in an extreme cause, but black pepper could be the cause of death. If the black pepper gets directly get into the lungs of a child, it may lead to sudden death. Thus, it is advised to mingle it up with food and then consume.

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