What Are The Side Effects Of Ashwagandha

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What Are The Side Effects Of Ashwagandha

The Ashwagandha or Indian ginseng is till now known for its amazing health benefits due to the high medicinal properties it inherits. Being high in medicinal value, the Ashwagandha is given a special place in Ayurveda. However, to come for rescue, the herb Ashwagandha also has many side effects. The health benefits of Ashwagandha are infinite, however, as the excess of anything is bad, more consumption than the prescribed limit of this herb can be fatal. Therefore, find below the side effects of the herb Ashwagandha:

Lowers The Blood Pressure:

Ashwagandha has the tendency to lower the blood pressure. Hence, over usage of this herb can lead to tremendous fall of the blood pressure level. Moreover, if you have a prescription to lower the blood pressure, then say ‘NO’ to this herb.

Decreases Sugar Level:

To decrease the sugar level, the Ashwagandha is opted by many. However, over usage of this herb can drastically make your blood sugar level fall which is fatal. Hence, if you are a diabetic patient, consume Ashwagandha wisely.

Increases Thyroid Level:

Any rise or fall in the level of thyroid hormone poses ill effects on health. The Ashwagandha, when consumed by thyroid patients, tends to increase the level of thyroid. Hence, avoid intake of this herb to keep away with raising thyroid level.

Harmful During Pregnancy:

Ashwagandha is threatful for pregnant ladies. It can severely harm the foetus and can also cause miscarriage. Thus, do not take ashwagandha when you are expecting a child.

Several Allergic Reactions:

Apart from the chronic health issues, the Ashwagandha has many allergic reactions. You can suffer from skin rashes, inflammation, chest pain, throat problems and so on.

Thus, Ashwagandha is beneficial for health but it also comes with various side effects. Hence, avoid intake of Ashwagandha without any expert prescription to stay fit and healthy.

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