What Are The Oral Benefits Of Miswak

What Are The Oral Benefits Of Miswak

Miswak is a chewing stick used for cleaning of teeth. We get Miswak from the plant ‘Salvadora Persica’ which is available almost everywhere. The traditional method of teeth cleaning has major advantages for promoting teeth health. Miswak has antibacterial properties which fight against the bacteria that harms the oral health. Therefore, not-so-popularly used these days, there are some amazing oral benefits of Miswak which will leave you awestruck and may be you can replace the same with your toothpaste and toothbrush. Please find below some amazing oral benefits of Miswak.

Prevents Cavities:

Removes Bad Breath:

Bad breath is known as the condition of halitosis, is also eliminated if you opt Miswak for brushing teeth. The refreshing and antibacterial property of Miswak helps you to get rid of the bad breath. Also, it increases the saliva production

Strength The Gums:

There are various gum diseases from which you may suffer if you don’t take proper care of the oral cavity. The disease like gingivitis (swelling and inflammation in the gums) is extremely painful, therefore, not to suffer from the same, use Miswak instead of any other teeth cleaning method to strengthen your gums.

Protect Against Germs:

There are some bad bacterias or germs in the mouth which destroy the gums giving ways to various gum diseases. However, using Miswak regularly in the morning can help your teeth fight against those bad bacteria thereby, strengthening the gums.

Good To Treat Plaque:

Plaque is the colourless bacteria that forms on the teeth rigorously. Regular brushing removes the same however, a deposit of it causes ‘tartar’ which can worsen the teeth health and cause gum problems or teeth loss in future. Therefore, brushing teeth regularly with Miswak helps in the removal of plaque due to its antibacterial property.

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