What Are The Important Health Benefits Of Khus Khus

What Are The Important Health Benefits Of Khus Khus

Khus-khus are the tiny seeds in the shape of the kidney, also known as Poppy seeds. They are harvested from dried seed pods and are widely used in many countries. Khus-khus provide many health benefits to human body. Being rich in Omega-6 fatty acids, proteins and fibres, they are very beneficial for the overall immune system. [Also Read: Amazing Health Benefits Of Mango]

Below mentioned are some important health benefits of Khus Khus:

Helps In Beating Insomnia:
Khus-khus contain small levels of opium alkaloids which help in soothing the nervous system elimination irritability hence, giving a better sleep. You can drink the milk by adding the mixture of khus-khus paste before going to bed for peaceful sleep.

Prevents From Kidney Stones:
Khus-khus has the content of Oxalates which has the function of absorbing the excess of calcium in the body. Thus, it prevents the formation of calcium crystallisation in the body preventing it from kidney stones.

Acts As A Pain Killer:
The uses of khus-khus also include its cooling effects in many medicines. Also, due to the presence of opium alkaloids, it helps in acting as a pain killer for tooth ache, muscular pain and headache. [Also Read: Essential Herbs For Fast Weight Gain]

Eases Constipation:
As mentioned earlier, khus-khus is a rich source of fibre. Hence, the presence of fibre content in khus-khus makes it good to ease the bowel movements, therefore, making the passing of stool easier.

Good For Skin:
The seeds of khus-khus are essential for skin care treatment. Therefore, you can use it as a good moisturiser for skin. Also, you can use khus-khus for its soothing effect in burning sensations and itches.

Moreover, Khus khus seeds are also good for treating the problem of eczema due to the presence of linoleic acid. It also acts as an anti-oxidant which helps in protecting the organs and tissues of the human body. Include khus-khus in your diet for its amazing health benefits. [Also Read: Which Plants In Bedroom Can Give You Better Sleep]

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