What Are The Herbs You Must Have In Your Kitchen

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What Are The Herbs You Must Have In Your Kitchen

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Your kitchen has a treasure of all the delicious eateries which suits to your taste buds. From vegetables to sweet-sour fruits and from soups to chocolate syrup, your kitchen has everything in it. But have you wondered that how many nutritional herbs your kitchen includes? Our nature has bestowed upon us many health benefits which we need to grasp. There are many dried herbs which every one of you must have in your kitchen due to their numerous health benefits. Thus, please read below about the important herbs you must have in your kitchen. [Also Read: Detoxify your body with these herbs]


The parsley is a multipurpose herb which you can add to your delicacies. Besides, the parsley herb is a good source of Iron, Vitamin A, Vitamin K and Vitamin C; which your body requires for a healthy skin.

Kasoori Methi:

Kasoori methi is a herb which enhances the taste of your food and makes it more flavoursome. The herb helps to reduce the bowel problems, controls diabetes and cholesterol level. Thus, including this in your kitchen can keep you away from such huge health problems. [Also Read: 7 Best Healing Herbs Which One Must Know]


Mint is refreshing and almost every second person likes it. However, besides being cool, dried mint leaves can be added to your sandwich, pasta and soups to get a tempting taste. Moreover, mint leaves also help in solving the digestive problems.


The holy basil leaves (tulsi) has immense medicinal properties. Keeping basil plant in home or basil leaves in the kitchen can strongly keep you away from cold and flu. The basil leaves are also rich in Iron, Vitamin K, Calcium, Manganese, Potassium and many more vital nutrients. [Also Read: Know more about the facts and health benefits of green tea]


The primary sprinkler on your pizza should also be available in your kitchen. Yes, oregano is a herb which can provide immense benefits to health besides adding taste to the food. It is antifungal and antibacterial in nature which supports the immune system keeping you healthy.

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