What are the health benefits of curry leaves

What are the health benefits of curry leaves

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Curry leaves or kadhi patta are widely used in dishes to add flavour and taste to them. However, they are not just meant to add flavour to our food but also enrich our body with amazing benefits. They contain carbazole alkaloids which help to get rid of the problem of diarrhoea, diabetes, morning sickness, losing weight, etc. Curry leaves also help to get healthy and strong hair. They leave also have a refreshing aroma, hence people grow it in their homes and they are rich in vitamin A, vitamin B, B2, calcium and iron. One surprising benefit of curry leaves is that it helps to treat the problem of calcium deficiency in the body at much faster pace. (Also read: What Are The Side Effects Of Ashwagandha)

Listed below are some of the benefits of curry leaves:

Fights bacteria and prevents inflammation: Curry leaves help to fight the free radical movement of the cells and damages them. Curry leaves are rich in carbazole alkaloids and are antioxidant and antibacterial in nature. It helps to kill the harmful bacteria in the body and prevents the cells from damaging.

Heals wounds and burn marks: Curry leaves are really effective in healing the burn marks, bruises, wounds etc. They have healing property and also contain carbazole alkaloids which help to restore the growth of the hair on the affected area. By applying the paste of curry leaves on the wound can help to recover the wound and make the skin mark free. (Also read: What are the side effects of consuming black pepper)

Helps in weight loss: Curry leaves promote weight loss. You can add curry leaves in your meals or can even chew some dried curry leaves. Though they have a slightly unusual taste but are really helpful in losing weight. An ingredient known as mahanimbine is present in curry leaves which help to lose weight and also helps to regulate the level of cholesterol in the body.

Helps to treat constipation: Curry leaves are rich in laxative which regulates the bowel movement. It produces digestive enzymes and thus makes it easy to digest the food. Thus, it helps to get rid of the problem of constipation. It also provides relief in abdominal pain. Thus consuming curry leaves is highly beneficial for the body.

Provides relief in nausea and vomiting: Curry leaves are really effective in the process of digestion. Thus they also help to reduce the feeling of nausea and morning sickness. The flavour and the aromatic essence of curry leaves help to provide relief in vomiting and nausea feeling. (Also read: Amazing health benefits of the mango leaves)

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