What are the health benefits of Coriander leaves

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what are the health benefits of coriander leaves

Coriander leaves commonly known as dhaniya, is quite beneficial for health. It is highly useful for reducing swelling, reducing high cholesterol levels, diarrhoea, anaemia, and other diseases. It is a useful herb as it enhances the flavour of food in Indian kitchens. People consume coriander in many forms like that of leaves and seeds. Coriander leaves contain many vitamins, minerals and amino acids etc. This is the reason that coriander is extremely beneficial for health. (Also read: Home remedies to eliminate feet problem with baking soda)

Let’s know about the health benefits of coriander leaves.

Beneficial for eyes
Coriander leaves contain nutrients like Vitamin A, C and phosphorus. Hence, it is very beneficial to consume coriander leaves.

It is beneficial for bone health
The consumption of coriander leaves is also beneficial for bones. For those who do not like to drink milk, coriander is a good alternative to calcium. (Also read: What are the effective home remedies to get rid of dry eyes)

Reduces the risk of allergies
There are antihistamine properties in the coriander leaves, which reduces the risk of allergens, flu, fever etc. that occur according to the weather. Therefore, consuming coriander leaves is beneficial in every season.

Reduces the risk of anaemia
The coriander leaves for a rich source of iron. The consumption of iron is the removes the deficiency of haemoglobin in the blood. Therefore, it is useful to consume coriander in order to reduce the risk of anaemia.

Reduces cholesterol
Coriander leaves contain many types of acids such as oleic acid, ascorbic acid, which reduce cholesterol levels in the blood. Therefore, the use of coriander leaves is beneficial for keeping the cardiovascular system healthy. (Also read: What Are The Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Sour Stomach)

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