What are the health benefits of cinnamon?

What are the health benefits of cinnamon

Cinnamon is an essential spice with many medicinal properties. It is popular for its multiple health benefits and its distinctive taste. It is known for being anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic, anti-microbial and immunity booster. Intake of cinnamon also protects from heart-related diseases and cancer.

Here are some health benefits of cinnamon lesser known to us.

1. Source of antioxidant: Being an anti-oxidant, cinnamon helps to bind together the free radicals in the body, which are prone to get infected and catch many diseases.

It also fights the signs of aging and prevents the appearance of wrinkles on the skin. Cinnamon also helps in controlling the oxidative stress in the body, which may lead to many diseases at an elder age.

2. Serves as an anti-inflammatory:
Cinnamon is no less when it comes to being an anti-inflammatory. It tackles the diseases that take place because of inflammation and lowers the risk of heart-related diseases, cancer, and liver problems.

It contains seven types of flavonoid compounds which reduce the risk of inflammation, pain and muscle soreness in the body.

3. Control Diabetes: Cinnamon has been witnessed to be very effective in the regulation of blood sugar level. It also plays a vital role in restricting the glucose absorption by blood. Restricting glucose lowers down the sugar content in the blood thus controls the diabetic level of the patients.

4. Lowers Down The Risk Of Cancer:
Cinnamon being an anti-oxidant helps in controlling and restricting the growth of cancer cells. It also lowers the germination of cancer cells.

5. Beneficial For Skin:
Cinnamon protects the skin from bacteria and fungal infections. As being an antibacterial and anti-oxidant in nature, it heals the sunburns, protects the body from rashes and skin irritation.

6. Reduces the Impact of Alzheimer:
Cinnamon accelerates the functioning of motor nerves thus reduces the impact of Alzheimer and it’s symptoms.

Furthermore, it fights a tough battle inside our brain to keep it away from foreign particles causing infection.

7. Promotes Good Dental Health:
Cinnamon takes good care of our dental health. It also act as a barrier for bacteria (micro-flora) residing in mouth that causes bad breath and fights with it constantly. As it is anti-bacterial in nature, it also prevents tooth decay and other mouth infections.

8. Provides Relief to Asthmatic Patients: Cinnamon being anti-inflammatory helps in getting rid of allergies and asthma attacks. It also lowers down the possibility of such allergies and breathing problems.

Along with the above-mentioned uses, Cinnamon has a widespread utilisation in adding flavor to different cuisine to make the dish healthy and substantial in flavor.

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