What Are The Best Antiviral Herbs To Boost The Immune System

What Are The Best Antiviral Herbs To Boost The Immune System

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Our nature provides us many health benefits. Be it any type of disease or virus, Ayurveda has a cure for it. During season change, many people suffer from viral infections and flu hence, a cure to it is required. There are some antiviral herbs present in our ecosystem which is essential to fight the viral infection while improving the immune system. [Also Read: 5 Herbs And Spices To Make Your Brain Stronger]

Below mentioned are five major antiviral herbs which help to boost the immune system:

The garlic is prominent for its all round health benefits, especially in the treatment of cold and flu. It has the antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties which enable it to be on top of the antiviral herbs. Garlic strongly attacks the offending bacteria in the body by keeping intact the body’s flora. Therefore, you must eat its cloves in diet, capsule or oil to boost the immunity.

The herb oregano is widely used for its aroma and taste but very few of us are aware that this herb is extremely beneficial in fighting against viral infections. The presence of a compound called carvacrol makes oregano potent enough to fight against diseases like herpes, viral infections and so on.

Calendula is useful for its culinary, decorative and medicinal purposes. Therefore, you can use this herb in the form of a cream, gel, oil, tea or orally. Also, Calendula incorporates antimicrobial and antiviral components which make it active to fight against viruses. [Also Read: What are the health benefits of Giloy]

The Echinacea has antiviral properties which help in curing the viral infection. This herb is primarily used to treat respiratory infections and is very efficient.

The antiviral herb elderberry is good for the treatment of cold, flu and infections. Also, Elderberry helps in fighting against chronic fatigue, allergy, constipation and inflammation.

Therefore, the above mentioned antiviral herbs are best to fight against viral infections and help to boost the body immunity. [Also Read: Amazing Basil Health Benefits Which Can Help You To Look Younger]

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