What Are The Benefits Of Dill Herb

What Are The Benefits Of Dill Herb

Dill or ‘sholpa leaves’ in Hindi is an aromatic annual herb which is a member of the parsley family. Dill is a herb which is used worldwide for its flavour and medicinal properties. The aroma and appetizing flavour of dill make its a great culinary herb for the Indian kitchen. Moreover, besides the fragrance and taste, dill leaves are high in medicinal properties due to the presence of various compounds in it. Therefore, read below on various important health benefits of dill leaves on the human body. [Also Read: What Are The Health Benefits Of Parijat Or Night Jasmine]

Good For Bone Health:

The Dill leaves are extremely rich in Calcium content which is essential for bone health. To keep your bones strong and away from the disease like osteoporosis you need to intake calcium. Hence, including dill leaves in your diet can give you abundant calcium and will keep your bones strong.

Eliminates Excessive Gas:

Accumulation of gas in the body is very annoying and gives extreme uneasiness. The dill leaves have a carminative property which allows excessive gas to go downward in the body through the digestive tract and take an exit from the body giving relief. [Also Read: What Are The Herbs You Must Have In Your Kitchen]

Maintains Oral Health:

The dill leaves are good for the oral health too. The antioxidants present in it keeps the gums away from infections. Moreover, it also prevents microbial infections due to the presence of essential oils in it.

Good For Immunity:

With all the essential nutrients dill leaves are good for health. It also helps to increase the body immunity by preventing the body against microbial infections. Dill leaves are antimicrobial thereby, it keeps the body immunity strong.

Improves Respiratory Health:

The essential oils present in dill herb are anti congestive and antihistaminic in nature which removes the congestion from the respiratory system. Hence, it improves the respiratory health.

Therefore, take the help of nature and include dill leaves in your kitchen to give a boost to your health. [Also Read: What are the health benefits of curry leaves]

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