What Are Side Effects Of Saffron Or Kesar

What Are Side Effects Of Saffron Or Kesar

We all know that saffron or Kesar has a lot of health and beauty benefits. But do you know that it has a lot of side effects too? Yes! This beautiful looking herb can harm our body in many ways. Its golden-brown colour can be used as medicine for many ailments. But, it consumed too much it starts reacting in a very negative way. Hence, here we are going to talk about its side effects only. So that it helps you to consume it moderately and make you understand that every good thing has bad effects too. Have a look at the following for the same. (Also Read: What Are The Side Effects Of Holy Basil Or Tulsi One Must Know)

Side effects of saffron or Kesar:
If you consume fake and artificial Kesar, it is guaranteed that you will get side effects. Identifying original saffron is not easy. So, here are going to discuss the various side effects of consuming saffron.

Many people are allergic to saffron. It may even trigger antigen production more. So, our immune system becomes weaker and make our body suffer from various types of allergies. Those who are allergic to Lolium, Olea and Salsola plant, they should stay away from saffron. (Also Read: What Are The Side Effects Of Fenugreek Or Methi Leaves)

Bipolar disorder:
Yes! This healthy herb can make people suffer from bipolar disorder. In fact, it may trigger problems like excitability and impulsive behaviour. These are nothing but a kind of mania or panic. This usually happens when people smoke drugs. So, if anybody is prone to these type of situation, he/she should stay away from Kesar.

Bad for pregnancy:
During pregnancy, it is better to avoid saffron consumption unless the doctor advises to consume it. The components present in saffron can harm the fetus and the mother. It, in fact, lowers the red blood count in pregnant women.

Low blood pressure:
Consuming too much of Kesar can decline your blood pressure level. This makes a human body suffer many problems like head spinning, nausea, vomiting etc. (Also Read: What Are The Health Benefits Of Bay Leaves)

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