Improve functioning of Kidney with these herbs

Improve functioning of Kidney with these herbs

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Kidneys play an important role in the human body as they remove toxins and waste from the blood. They are bean-shaped and located along the posterior side of the abdomen. Interestingly, Kidneys also release hormones like erythropoietin, renin and calcitriol which are very helpful in maintaining good health.

The kidneys work with other organs of the body to regulate blood pressure, promotes red blood cell production and synthesise vitamin D. They also improve the functioning of the urinary tract as well as bladder.

As the kidneys play an important role to keep your body healthy, you must take extra care of them despite kidneys are self-cleaning organs. There are various symptoms which highlight that the kidneys are suffering like feeling fatigued or unusually moody, pain in your kidneys after eating. The other symptoms which highlight the problems of the kidneys including frequent bladder problems, urinary tract infections (UTIs), skin rashes, acne and eczema.

Meanwhile, you can also improve the functioning of kidneys by consuming simple herbs which are easily available. The herbs work effectively and prevent urinary tract. They also act as the diuretic to flush out excess fluid and kidney stones.

Here is the list of herbs:

Juniper Berries

These berries are extremely useful to alleviate health conditions associated with the kidneys, bladder or urinary tract. One can consume this herb on a daily basis in various forms, such as teas and capsules.


This herb is known for fighting against inflammation and kidney stones. The Goldenrod is used as an aquaretic agent and promotes the loss of water from the body. It is also wash out bacteria and kidney stones by increasing the flow of urine. It also soothing inflamed tissues and calming muscle spasms in the urinary tract.

Marshmallow Root

Marshmallow root increases the urination. Moreover, it also soothes the tissues found in the urinary tract system.

Celery Root

The celery root is popularly known as the natural diuretic. This herb helps the body to flush out toxins by increasing urine output.


The parsley act as a natural diuretic. It is very helpful for reducing the build-up of toxins in the kidneys and entire urinary tract. Moreover, this is favourite herb among chefs as it is aromatic.

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