Healthy herbs: Which herbs can be used in cooking

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Which herbs can be used in cooking

Healthy herbs: Know which herbs are healthy

Herbs are known for aromatic properties that are used in flavouring and garnishing food. Proper use of herb can make any dish delicious as they add the layer of flavour in the food. Moreover, the flavour of herbs can change according to the weather conditions. Not only for flavouring foods,  but herbs also promote health as it contains many medicinal properties. For the proper use of herbs, you must be aware of the herbs which can be used in cooking. (Also read: Star anise health benefits: Amazing health benefits of consuming star anise or chakra phool.)

Healthy herbs: Which herbs can be used in cooking.

  • Basil
  • Parsley
  • Cilantro
  • Mint
  • Rosemary
  1. Basil

    Use basil in cooking
    Healthy herbs: Basil can be used in cooking.

    Basil is one of most important common herb. This herb is used in sauces, sandwiches, salads as well as in soups. It has a more distinct flavour and used in stir-fries and pastes. (Also read: Cinnamon side effects: What are the side effects consuming excessive cinnamon)

  2. Parsley
    Parsley is a very versatile herb used in cooking. It has a light peppery flavour that complements another seasoning. It is most often used in salads, sauces and sprinkled over dishes at the end of cooking. Moreover, is good source antioxidants, including vitamin C and Vitamin A. These helps in maintaining the healthy gut environment.
  3. Cilantro
    It is also known as coriander, which has an enriching flavour used in almost all types of cooking. Many people are actually addicted to its refreshing flavour. Moreover, it also has many health benefits as it reduces oxidative stress, lowers blood sugar levels and also prevents infections.
  4. Mint
    It has cooling properties and adds cooling flavour to the dishes. Fresh mint is perfect for summer salads and added in sauces. Moreover, the mint is great appetizer which promotes digestion and soothes the stomach during indigestion.
  5. Rosemary
    This herb has the pungent flavour and used in a dried or fresh form. This herb is added to soups, sauces and stew. Moreover, the consumption of rosemary herb helps in boosting memory, relieving mood and stress.

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If you consume herbs properly, then they not only enhance the flavour of food but also provide many health benefits. You can also read this article in Hindi.

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