Eight health benefits of black cardamom

Health benefits of black cardamom

Black cardamom is also known as ‘Badi Eilaichi or Kali Eilaichi’. It is used in Indian kitchen as one of the most important spice for flavouring. Though it is an Indian spice, it has many health benefits. Also, it has a soothing aroma and thus it is used for aromatherapy. Not just it is good for health, it is even beneficial for skin and hair.

Let’s discuss the health benefits of black cardamom in detail:

Good for cardiovascular health: Black cardamom reduces the formation of blood clots in the body. Thus it helps to regulate the flow of blood in the entire body. It even reduces the possibility of heart stroke or any other heart-related disease. It helps to keep blood pressure in check.

Solves gastrointestinal problems: Black cardamom solves the problem of indigestion. It helps to the intestines to secrete juices necessary for the process of digestion. Thus, it keeps the formation of acid low or almost null. It helps in improving the appetite and reduces the problem of constipation.

Good for dental health: Almost every tooth paste has black cardamom oil to fight mouth bacteria. It even cures the problem of bad breath.

Helps in detoxification: According to scientists, black cardamom is essential for detoxification of the body. Black cardamom also helps to get rid of caffeine content from the body.

Solves the respiratory problem: People those who are suffering from respiratory problems, should consume black cardamom in order to get relief. It helps to provide relief in a cough, cold, bronchitis, asthma and other related problems. It helps to bring the circulation of air to the lungs back to normal.

Boosts body immunity: Black cardamom improves the immunity of the body and makes us strong and healthy. It is antiseptic in nature, thus fights back the bacterial and fungal attacks in the body.

Beneficial for skin: Black cardamom in anti-oxidant in nature. It prevents the signs of ageing and keeps the skin healthy. Thus, it also repairs the dead and damaged cells of the skin. It even helps o treat many skin allergies.

Good for hair: It nourishes our scalp and reduces the possibility for dandruff in hair. It provides necessary nourishment to the hair making them black and strong.

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