How Ginger Powder Can Keep You Healthy During Winters

How Ginger Powder Can Keep You Healthy During Winters

Ginger powder is also known as ‘sonth’ in Hindi. The powder is extracted from the dried ginger hence, it proves to give immense benefits to the health. Ginger in itself has great medicinal properties hence, its powdered form can help you to stay healthy during winters. It keeps us away from various body infections. Being rich in Vitamin C, Iron, Protein Carbohydrate and Dietary Fibre, the ginger powder can keep you fit during winters. Therefore, find below how the ginger powder can keep you healthy during winters. [Also Read: What Are The Hidden Health Benefits Of Licorice]

Treats Common Cold:

Ginger powder or ‘sonth’ is an ancient remedy which can treat your common cold. If you have a cough or throat pain, eating ginger powder and honey paste can give you immense relief. Moreover, preparing a tea of ginger powder can also help you to get rid of common cold.

Cures Headache:

If you are suffering from a severe headache during winters, the ginger powder can come as a rescue. You can apply a thick paste of ginger powder on your head like a balm and leave it for a while. Your headache will reduce.

Prevents Stomach Problems:

The anti-inflammatory property of the ginger powder can help you to reduce the stomach irritation and gastric problems. Therefore, you can mix ginger powder with the sugar cane juice or you can also make a thick paste of ginger powder after adding honey to it and eat it. [Also Read: Six Magical Health Benefits Of Onions]

Reduces Arthritis Pain:

Getting the arthritis pain during winters is very common. However, you can get rid of the same with ginger water. Mix ginger powder in a glass of water and boil it. Drink this mixture to reduce the knee pain and swelling.

Improves Digestion:

The ginger powder also boosts the digestion process. It stimulates the saliva, bile and gastric juice production. The presence of the compound gingerol and volatile oils helps in treating the digestion problems. Therefore, it is good to treat the digestive issues. [Also Read: What Are The Health Benefits Of Brahmi Leaves]

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