Cinnamon side effects: What are the side effects consuming excessive cinnamon

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Limited consumption of cinnamon is beneficial .

cinnamon side effects: Consume limited cinnamon

Cinnamon is one of the best herbs and it is widely used in foods for its aromatic properties. Not only it provides aroma to the food but also delivers many health benefits. People use it blindly because it delivers countless health benefits. It is beneficial to consume cinnamon to get rid of the problem of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. It delivers benefits if you consume it in the proper way otherwise it causes the problem. Excessive consumption of cinnamon is harmful to health. It has many side effects. Let us know how much cinnamon intake is more harmful to health. (Also read: How does cinnamon and honey water help to lose weight)

Cinnamon side effects: Drawbacks of consuming excessive cinnamon.

  • How much cinnamon intake is right
  • Risk of reaction with drugs
  • Cause problem in breathing
  • Reduces blood sugar level
  1. How much is cinnamon intake correct?

    Excessive consumption of cinnamon is harmful
    cinnamon side effects: Excessive consumption of cinnamon is harmful.

    There are two types of cinnamon in which cassia cinnamon daily can consume a tablespoon and Ceylon cinnamon daily for up to 2.5 tablespoons. More than this, cinnamon intake is considered harmful to health.

  2. Risk of reaction with drugs
    Consumption of diabetes medicines and cinnamon together is harmful. They can react with each other. If you are suffering from cardiovascular diseases or diabetes then avoid consumption of cinnamon. (Also read: What Are The Health Benefits Of Drinking Cinnamon Water)
  3. Cause problem in breathing
    By consuming too much cinnamon it causes irritation in the throat. Along with this, the problem of coughing and difficulty in breathing erupts.
  4. Reduces blood sugar level
    Consumption of excessive cinnamon reduces blood sugar level. Eating more cinnamon than reduces blood sugar level, which causes problems of fatigue and dizziness.

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Cinnamon is considered as one of healthiest herb. It provides relief from many health-related problems. The consumption of cinnamon is only beneficial if you consume it in the right way. You can also read this article in Hindi.

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