Six amazing health benefits of celery

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Six amazing health benefits of celery

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Celery is the storehouse of various health benefits. It is a type of vegetable that belongs to Apiaceae plant family. It is widely used as a snack. Those who are on diet often prefer celery as it is very filling, but doesn’t cause weight gain. It is used in soups, in gravy and for garnishing as well. Celery is a source of many important minerals like sodium, copper, iron, potassium among other. It is also a good source of vitamins like vitamin D, Vitamin E, and vitamin A. It also has thiamin, folic acid and fibre in it. Due to this content, celery has amazing health benefits. Therefore, it could be an amazing addition to your diet. (Also read: Six Magical Health Benefits Of Onions)

Reduces Blood Pressure
Celery helps to control the high blood pressure. Celery actually has phthalide which is an organic chemical compound. It reduces the level of stress hormones. Therefore, celery helps the blood vessels to get open, which leads to reduced blood pressure.

Celery helps to eliminate the uric acid. It helps to reduce the problems related to urination. So, it is wonderful in case of cystitis, kidney problems and other bladder related issues.(Also read: What Are The Health Benefits Of Oregano)

Arthritis Pain
Celery has anti-inflammatory properties. This property helps in the case of arthritis. As a result, it helps to soothe the pain and decrease the swelling around the joints.

Strengthens Immune System
The celery is a great source of vitamin C. It boosts the immunity of the body. Celery has antioxidants qualities, due to which the immune system becomes more efficient. Eating it regularly can help you to fight against diseases.

Helps to stop the formation of ulcer
Celery contains a type of ethanol extract that helps to stop the ulcer. Firstly, having an ulcer can be a very painful condition for the person. That is why having celery as a snack or food item can help to prevent it.

Make the liver healthier
Celery has an amazing impact on the health of your liver.Even in the ancient Egypt civilization celery was in use widely to maintain the health of the liver. (Also read:  What Are The Best Antiviral Herbs To Boost The Immune System)

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