Air pollution: Which herbs help to protect the body from air pollution

Air pollution: The growing air pollution is the cause of worry for all. We all must do something in order to prevent the air from getting polluted. However, before that, we can actually take care of our body and prevent the health deterioration. Some herbs help to purify the body and we must know about them.

Dashamoola, health benefits of dashamoola

Amazing Health Benefits Of Dashamoola

Dashamoola is great for your overall health. From reducing your inflammation in the body to giving relief in migraine pain, these 10 roots combination can be great for your health.

Which herbs you should add in your daily food

Herbs are the good source of antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and nutrients, which detoxify your body by flushing out toxic substances. Apart from this, they also boost your immune system, if you regularly add herbs to your diet.