Drinks For Diabetes: Which are the healthiest drinks to consume in diabetes

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Which drinks are best for a diabetic pateint

Drinks for diabetes: Besides water, there are many other healthy drinks for a diabetic patient.

Drinks For Diabetes: In the body of the diabetic patient, the insulin hormone is either absent or its production reduces. This hormone helps in the absorption of glucose in the blood. If the absorption is not done properly, the sugar accumulates in the blood and the level of blood sugar rises. This is the way, people suffer from diabetes. During diabetes, a person must take care of the diet so that the blood sugar remains constant. What are you drinking should be taken care off properly? There are some healthy drinks which do not affect the level of sugar in the body. Here is the list. (Also read: What are the various food products that help to keep diabetes under control)

Drinks for diabetes: Which drinks are safe to consume during diabetes?

  • Water
  • Herbal tea
  • Milk
  • Tea/Coffee


healthy drink for diabetes
Drinks for diabetes: A diabetic patient must drink water in an adequate amount.

Water is the best drink for everyone. If you consume water in an adequate amount then you will stay fit and healthy. If you do not consume water in an adequate amount then it will lead to increased sugar craving. Eventually, you consume soft drinks.

Herbal tea
Drinking herbal tea is safe if you are a diabetic patient. Consumption of herbal tea does not lead to an increase in the sugar level. You can boil Mulethiin water and drink it. It has a good flavour and reduces the level of blood sugar.


Which drinks are best for diabetes
Drinks for diabetes: Drinking milk in diabetes is a healthy choice.

Besides water, our body needs some other drinks too. Thus, one can drink milk. Cow milk, rice milk, soy milk and nut milk etc. contain vitamin and minerals. Use unsweeten variety of the milk.

Most of the people think tea and coffee are harmful during diabetes. However, consuming it in moderation is actually good for the diabetic patient. The caffeine present in tea and coffee helps to boost energy without raising the blood sugar. Always drink tea and coffee without sugar.

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These are some of the healthy drinks which one can consume during diabetes. You can read this article in Hindi too.

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