What are the side effects of lime juice

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what are the side effects of lime juice

Many people like to drink lime juice after getting up in the morning. People drink lime juice in order to keep the body healthy. Lemon is an acid fruit and it is a good source of vitamin C. The excessive intake vitamin C may cause many health related problems like acidity and many other. However, the lime juice has many health benefits but it has similar side effects as well. The excessive consumption of anything causes a negative impact on the health. (Also read: How to make mineral water at home)

Let’s know about the side effects of lime juice.

A toothache
Lime juice contains high amounts of citrus extract which can harm the tooth enamel. Enamel dissolves due to high acid present in the lime juice. Because of which there is a problem of pain and sensitivity.

Ulcers in the stomach
Ulcers is a problem that occurs due to the diluted mucous lining present in the stomach. Citrus acids present in the lime can cause ulcers in the stomach which can cause irritation and ulcers can take time to recover. (Also read: What are the nighttime drinks that can help you to lose weight)

Blisters in mouth
The mouth blisters are often occurred due to the reaction of an allergy. People who are allergic to acidic foods, the consumption of lime water cause blisters in the mouth.

Vomiting and stomach upset
Lime juice contains vitamin C. Vitamin C contains very important nutrients for the body but if it is consumed in excessive amount then the body is unable to absorb it. Because of which there is a problem of vomiting and stomach upset.

Lime juice contains vitamin C, due to which the production of urine increases. Due to frequent urination, the body’s face scarcity of water, which leads to dehydration. (Also read: Hot Milk Or Cold Milk: Which Milk Is More Nutritious)

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