What are the side effects of green tea

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what are the side effects of green tea

Consumption of green tea has many health benefits. The green tea is made by drying leaves named Camilla sinuses. Elements of Vitamin B, amino acids, folate, manganese, potassium, antioxidant and caffeine are found in green tea. We must be aware of how much green tea should be consumed daily or else it can be harmful to your health. Green tea contains caffeine, so consuming more amount of it can have negative effects on the body. Green tea contains caffeine, so one should not drink it on an empty stomach in the morning. Doing so can lead to many problems related to your stomach. Along with the benefits of green tea, it also has many side effects. (Also read: What is the right time to drink green tea)

Let’s know about the side effects of green tea:

Stomach problems
what are the side effects of green tea
Tannin in green tea increases the stomach acid which can cause pain, nausea, acidity or constipation in the stomach. Because of this, you should avoid consumption of green tea on an empty stomach because it stimulates gastric acid. People suffering from peptic ulcer or acid reflux should not consume excessive green tea.

Reduces iron content from the body
Green tea contains catechins, which promote metabolism and helps to lose weight. However, its excessive consumption reduces iron absorption in the body. For those who have a deficiency of iron, consumption of green tea can be harmful to them.

Green-Tea is natural dermatitis, which causes the body to lose water. Therefore, drinking excessive green tea increases the frequency of urination due to which dehydration can occur. It may lead to the imbalance of electrolyte as well. Dehydration can cause problems like a headache, lethargy and fatigue.  (Also read: What are the nighttime drinks that can help you to lose weight)

Irregular Heartbeat
what are the side effects of green tea
Caffeine helps to stimulate the heart. It accelerates your heart rate, causing an irregular heartbeat. This condition is called tachycardia. This condition is called palpitations, which increases the chances of chest pain.

Green-Tea contains polyphenols which can lead to oxidation stress. So if you consume more caffeine than you need, you may have nausea and vomiting problems. Therefore, try to avoid excessive consumption of green tea. (Also read: What are the various side effects of aloe vera juice)

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