What are the side effects of drinking black coffee

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What are the side effects of drinking black coffee

Many people have a habit of starting their day with a hot and steaming cup of black coffee. The black coffee is made up of pure caffeine without any milk or cream. For all the coffee lovers, it is a drink from heaven, however, this drink can harm your health as well. If you are a black coffee addict then you are more vulnerable to many kinds of health problems. It might impact your sleeping routine and your digestion. Let’s find out what are the side effects of the black coffee. (Also read: What are the health benefits of black coffee)

Believe it or not, black coffee might cause more stress in your life. The reason for this is when you drink a lot of black coffee is leads to the release of cortisol, norepinephrine, and epinephrine, also known as the stress hormone. It triggers anxiety and stress, thus making it hard to stay calm.

The black coffee contains rich amount of caffeine and acid. These two things are certainly a bad news for your stomach. It also impacts the lining of your small intestine which in turn leads abdominal spasms and cramps. The acidic formation due to black coffee intake can lead to acid reflux and cause acidity. (Also read: How ginger, lemon and turmeric tea detoxifies your liver)

Problem of Heartburn

The consumption of the black coffee leads to the relaxation of the lower oesophagal sphincter. When this muscle stay firm it helps the food content to stay in the stomach. However, when it relaxes, it is unable to do its job well. So, it leads to the burning of the fragile lining using hydrochloric acid.

Disturbs your sleeping routine

If you want to stay alert and awake for long nothing is better than a hot cup of black coffee. However, if you have a cup of black coffee before going to bed, it simply keeps your mind alert and you are unable to sleep properly. So, black coffee before sleeping is a bad idea.

Hampers minerals absorption
When people drink too much black coffee, then it becomes really hard to absorb the mineral in the diet. It happens as the coffee impacts absorption of minerals like zinc, calcium and iron. (Also read: What is the difference between the coconut milk and coconut water)

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