What Are The Myths Related To Drinking Milk

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What Are The Myths Related To Drinking Milk

Milk is the only diet product which has always got a positive signal by many. Due to its nutritious properties, milk constantly remains present in the diet of every human being. A great source of Calcium, Potassium, Protein, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B2 and many other nutrients, milk undoubtedly provides many health benefits. The milk contains almost every nutrient which is essential for healthy functioning of the body. However, there are some myths which are associated with drinking milk causing unnecessary pressure to the mind. Find below the myths other than facts which make you drink milk:

#Myth 1

Drinking Milk Causes More Mucus: People often avoid to drink milk when suffering from a cough or cold because of a belief that it can produce more mucus. However, to be factual, milk does not lead to producing mucus, however, it can thicken the mucus but cannot make it more.

#Myth 2

Raw Milk Is More Nutritious: Another myth which has captured the mind is that raw milk is more nutritious. However, the that is that raw milk carries bacteria which is dangerous for human health. The process of pasteurisation involves heating of milk to kill the bacteria to make milk healthy to consume. Hence, raw milk is not nutritious.

#Myth 3

Organic Milk Is Better Than Normal Milk: To tell on this myth, both types of milk are equally nutritious. Both the milk contain same essential nutrients hence, drinking any of them is good for health.

#Myth 4

Milk Is Extremely Healthy For Heart: Due to the presence of monosaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats, milk with high-fat content can pose heart disease. It also contains artery clogging fat which also threatens the heart health. Hence, drinking milk may not be healthy for the heart.

Thus, if you are also clinched with myths of drinking milk, the above-mentioned points can be beneficial for you. Milk is undoubtedly good for health but keeping a myth can hamper its effectiveness.

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