What are the healthy drinks to get your morning started

What are the healthy drinks to get your morning started

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Don’t you think every morning needs a kickstart? Until the time you are not getting your favourite coffee or a ‘kadak’ tea, your mornings are incomplete? This happens to many of us. The actual reason behind it is the empty stomach. Whenever you eat or drink something on an empty stomach, it gets absorbed the most. That is why we always have to consume something super healthy in the morning. Not only just to get the healthy nutrients but also to have a kick start in the sleepy mornings. Hence, here we are going to discuss some healthy drinks which are great in the mornings. Here we go:
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When the smoothie is Banana and ginger:
When it comes to morning drinks, smoothie comes on our mind at first. So, why not making a super healthy smoothie which will help us soothing the body for the entire day? Go for ginger and banana smoothie. ginger helps us to get rid of digestion, heartburn, nausea, and other stomach trouble. On the other side, banana provides fibre, vitamins etc. So, take 1 banana and make some slices. Add vanilla yoghurt and 1 Tbsp honey into the blender. Now add grated ginger. Your smoothie is ready.

The goodness Green Tea:
If you are a tea person, go for green tea for 3 days in a week. Other days you can have your favourite milk tea. green tea contains flavonoids and polyphenols, natural antioxidants. These compounds are extremely beneficial for your health. It inhibits any types of tumour growth by helping to neutralize free radicals in the body. Moreover, antioxidants prevent the heart disease by relaxing blood vessels. (Also Read: How To Make Best Homemade Sports Electrolyte Drinks)

Say YES to Tomato juice:
Tomato juice is extremely nutritious. It controls various types of cancerous cells. It is a riches source of antioxidant lycopene. This compound reduces the risk of lung and stomach problems. Also, helps to make pancreatic, colorectal, oesophageal, oral, breast keep health and disease free.

Finally lemon and water:
Lemon water with honey is something super favourite to many especially those for those who are weight conscious. It helps in burning weight when it is taken at the morning time. You just have to warm the water a little bit. Squeeze a half lemon and pour it into the glass of warm water. Your drink is ready. (Also Read: Healthy Juice to Strengthen and Energize The Body)

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