What are the health benefits of drinking Sattu

What are the health benefits of drinking sattu drinks

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Sattu is a great source of protein that is wonderful to keep your body cool during summers. It also provides energy to the body. The sattu is a type of flour that is made of a mixture of varies pulses and grains. The sattu drink is made of the mixture of wheat flour and lemon barley. It has a lot of nutrients such as soluble fibre. The soluble fibre is good for the intestine. Other than that it also good in case of diabetes as it has iron, magnesium, manganese and little bit of sodium. The best part is that you can keep this mixture stored and use it as needed.

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Keeps your cool in summers
The sattu drink is most widely used in keeping the body cool. It is useful to quench the thirst in the summers. If you drink sattu drink during the day, it will the regulate the temperature.

Helps in digestion
The sattu is full of soluble fibre which is good for your intestine. It helps to help your colon and provides relief in case of constipation and acidity. You feel lighter after having this drink.

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Increases your beauty
The sattu drink is also an aid in your beauty. It keeps the skin hydrated and provides nourishment to your hair. The iron content in the sattu is high, so you get energy as well as beauty benefits.

Controls lifestyle disease
The sattu has a low-glycemic index that is why it is so great for the patients with diabetes. It is known that having sattu drink in a cold form is amazing to control the blood sugar level. It is also helpful to regulate your blood pressure. At the same time, it is advisable to have sattu drink with a pinch of salt.

Provides energy
The sattu drink is full of nutrients and at the same time, it is easy to digest. That is why it provides instant energy after consumption.

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