What Are The Drinks We Think As Healthy But Not Actually Are

What Are The Drinks We Think As Healthy But Not Actually Are

We consume a lot of drinks every day. The purpose of drinking this is to gain energy and feel refreshed. Usually, we drink these beverages to get the hydration and to make our throat wet. But are you sure that what you are drinking is a healthy drink? Think again! Here we are going to discuss those drinks which are not healthy but people think they are healthy and good for us. Have a look and get to know what are the drinks we think healthy but are not actually. (Also Read: What Are The Health Benefits Of Drinking Cinnamon Water)

Packaged juicy drinks:
Many of you drink these packaged beverages by considering them as healthy items. But let us tell you that, these drinks are extremely unhealthy as they contain preservatives mostly. Even if they do not contain preservatives, they are made with extra sugar and coloured calories. Hence, it is always better to drink fresh homemade juices instead of these packaged drinks.

Diet soda:
We think that diet soda is good for health as they are ‘diet’ drinks. Maybe they are zero in calories but they are zero in nutrition too. Other than that, these drinks contain a lot of carbon-di-oxide which is not good for our health. Soda and diet soda both are equally bad for our health. (Also Read: Which Beverages Are Extremely Bad For Your Health)

Fruit smoothies:
We all know that fruits are beneficial for our health. But that does not mean any beverage will be healthy if they contain fruit juices. Smoothies contain a lot of calories as they are heavy and they contain extra sugar and various syrups. These extra calories get stored in your body and make you fat day by day if you are regular on smoothies.

Various coffee beverages:
Do you love coffee? If yes then you must have tried various fancy coffee drinks too. Let us tell you these drinks are not healthy. These coffee drinks contain a lot of calorie because of milk and sugar. These ingredients start clogging your arteries by creating fats on them.

Flavoured water:
Many of you like to drink flavoured water. No matter what fruit flavour you choose these drinks are not good. These type of water have few extra vitamins—along with added sugars. However, you need to check the label of the bottle first. If you drink the extreme milk flavoured water, that does not cause any harm to your body. But make sure you drink the right banded water. (Also Read: What Are The Drinks You Should Not Consume After Dinner)

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