What Are The Drinks Give Relief In Menstrual Cramp

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What Are The Drinks Give Relief In Menstrual Cramp

Menstrual cramp is something experienced by every woman. The intensity differs person to person, but during period days there are very few women who have never experienced menstrual cramps in their life. When this happens, without a painkiller is becomes difficult to defuse it. But yes! You can do few home remedies which can reduce this cramp. Other than that, you can try some healthy drinks, which are good enough to minimize the cramp and the pain efficiently. So, let us have a look at these healthy drinks which you can make at your home only.  (Also Read: What Are The Health Benefits Of Potato Juice)

Warm Water:
If you have menstrual cramps then drinking a glass of lukewarm water can be great for reducing the pain. Warm water is better because you do not need time to use the water when it is warm like your body temperature. Water makes detoxify your body and helps in having better flow when you are in your periods. Moreover, you can add some herbs to a glass of water which can be better. Herbs like raspberry leaf reduce cramps effectively.

Try some Yoghurt smoothie:
Yoghurt is also been considered as a supreme ingredient which reduces period cramps. Yoghurt has a lot of calcium with probiotics which are amazing in pulling up the cramp. The calcium could relieve cramps by itself and the probiotics make you non-constipated. If you are constipated during your periods it increases your pain. Moreover, you can try high calcium dairy products like cheese, salmon bones, and dark green leafy vegetables too. (Also Read: Why We Should Drink More Coffee Than Usual)

Ginger tea:
We all know that ginger is a great element which reduced pain with Powerful Medicinal Properties. This antispasmodic herb can make a great tea which makes your pain and cramps go away easily. Moreover, it has Germanium, which is the element that helps oxygenate the body. If you have more oxygen in your body there will be less chance of having cramps or pain. So, whenever you feel like to have a cup of tea just add some chunks of ginger into the water and boil with the tea.

Green veggie smoothy:
When you develop cramps during your menstruation, you can drink a glass of Green veggie smoothy those 5 days. You can add some green veggies like spinach, kale, mustard greens and green peas. You can blend all veggies together or can choose one by one for each day of your menstruation. You can mix some apple, berries, lemon or vanilla essence to enhance the taste of the smoothie. Green vegetables contain such as vitamins A, C, and K and folate which are quite effective in lowering the pain of periods. (Also Read: What Are The Healthy Drinks You Should Try This Winter)

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