What are the various health benefits of drinking tamarind juice

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What are the various health benefits of drinking tamarind juice

There are immense benefits of tamarind juice(Imli juice). It helps to keep the body healthy. There are many nutrients in the tamarind juice that are extremely beneficial for the body. It is full of antioxidants that make the body strong. It has a good amount of vitamin B, C, magnesium, calcium, iron and potassium. Tamarind leaves are used while preparing many meals. Tamarind juice helps the skin to glow and to reduce weight. It even helps to bind the free radical cell movement etc. Let’s discuss the benefits of tamarind juice in detail. (Also read: The best drinks to detox the kidney in a healthy manner)

What are the various health benefits of drinking tamarind juice?

Helps to reduce weight: Tamarind juice helps to boost the metabolism of the body. It thus helps to reduce the weight. It contains hydroxy-citric acid that helps to reduce the formation of fat in the body. Besides this, it also helps to stimulate the production of those enzymes that lead to the storage of fat in the body. All these things help to reduce fat from the body.

Helps to boost the immune system: Tamarind juice contains antioxidants that help to boost the immunity of the body. It helps to protect us from the flu, cold, viral etc. (Also read: What are the various side effects of energy drinks)

Good for the skin: Tamarind juice is extremely good for the skin, It helps to bring an instant glow to the skin. Besides this, it even eradicates the problem of acne and pimples from the face. Tamarind juice contains fibre, vitamin B, vitamin C and enzymes that help to remove the dead skin cells from the skin.

Helps to reduce swelling: Tamarind juice helps to reduce swelling from the joints and the muscles, It helps to boost the flow of blood. It thus helps to reduce the problem of acid reflux in the body.

Helps to improve digestion: Tamarind juice contains mild diuretic properties that help to improve the digestion. If you are undergoing the problem of constipation, bloating and cramping in the stomach for a long time now, then you must drink a glass of tamarind juice daily in the morning. It helps in the better bowel movement. (Also read: What are the health benefits of drinking lukewarm turmeric water in the morning)

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