What are the various health benefits of drinking almond milk

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What are the various health benefits of drinking almond milk

Almonds are great for health. Most of us consume soaked almonds daily to bless our body with its immense health benefits. Almond milk is rich in protein and calcium. However, the calorie count of almond milk is just 60 calories per cup. On the other hand, cow milk contains 146 calories in a cup. Thus, in order to lose weight one must consume a glass of almond milk every day. Not just this, it helps to keep many other health issues at bay. Almond milk is extremely beneficial for the body as it boosts the immunity of the body and keep us healthy and strong. It is a magical syrup for winters. (Also read: How does drinking cardamom water help your body)

What are the various health benefits of drinking almond milk?

Helps to keep the heart healthy: Almond milk has less cholesterol level and less fat in it. Besides this, it has a low amount of amino acid in it which results to keep the blood pressure and other health issues in check.

Helps to keep the bones healthy: Almond milk has 25 percent vitamin D in it which helps you to protect from arthritis and boosts the immunity of the body. Besides this, almond milk keeps the bones strong as it contains sufficient amount of calcium and vitamin D which even protects your teeth. (Also read: What are the best refreshing alternatives to soda drinks)

Makes the skin glow: Almond milk contains a lot of antioxidants that help to maintain the glow of the skin. It even helps to lighten the dark complexion of the skin and gives you brighter glowing skin.

Helps to build muscles: Almond milk contains protein which is enough to build strong muscles. It helps to boost the strength of the muscles as it also contains vitamin B in it.

Keeps the digestive system healthy: Almond milk is not only tasty to drink, it is healthy as well. It helps to boost the digestive system of the body and ensures the proper bowel movement. It eradicates the problem of constipation and helps to have healthy digestion. (Also read: What are the amazing benefits of drinking barley tea)

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