Side Effects Of Tea: How Milk Tea Can Be Bad For Our Health

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Side effects of tea, side effects of milk tea

Drinking excessive milk tea has many side effects.

Side Effects Of Tea: Are you one of them who cannot live without tea? Many of us have this addiction to tea. Some of us, even drink more than 6-8 cups of tea in a day. But, have you ever thought how harmful multiple cups of tea for your health in a day? Adding milk to your tea is even worse for your health. Mixing tea and milk together can affect badly if you consume it excessively. Thus, here we are going to talk about the side effects of milk tea. Hope this makes you realise the right consumption of tea and to have a healthy life. (Also Read: Benefits of Tea: What are the different types of tea and their benefits)

What are the various side effects of milk tea?

  • Bloating
  • Nutrient Deficiencies
  • Promotes anxiety, stress etc.
  • Provokes addiction
  • Dehydration

When you drink too much of milk tea, you realise your stomach is bloating. Tea has a lot of caffeine in it which is the reason for your bloating. Adding milk to it can cause bloating more as milk and caffeine promote gas formation. (Also Read: What Are The Ways You Can Beat Bloating)

Promotes anxiety, stress etc:

Who excessive milk tea is not good for our health
Tea has caffeine which promotes mental illness.

Milk tea can be bad for our health as it not just shows issues in our physical health but disrupts mental wellness too. It promotes anxiety, stress, restlessness, lack of sleep etc. Caffeine is famous for these problems and this is the most common side effects of tea. (Also Read: How To Overcome Social Anxiety)

Nutrient Deficiencies:
If you consume tea excessively, you may notice you are suffering from the side effects of tea which include vital nutrient deficiencies. Brewing tea and milk together can hinder the absorption of essential nutrients in your body. You may notice you are having iron, zinc deficiencies. (Also Read: High-Protein Vegetables: Important Vegetables For Protein Deficiency)

Provokes addiction:

disadvantages of drinking milk tea.
Tea makes you addicted to it.

The worst side effect of milk tea is, it promotes addiction. Caffeine is an addictive compound. So, if you regularly drink tea at one time, you will feel uncomfortable without the cup of tea at the same time. So, this, makes you consume tea more. This is nothing but mere addiction for tea. (Also Read: Five tips to get rid of caffeine addiction)

Milk tea can promote dehydration. You may think that tea can’t promote dehydration as it is a liquid beverage. As we said that tea has caffeine, which is extremely bad for the hydration of the body. But if you consume a moderate amount of milk tea, it can not harm you.

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Drinking milk tea is not bad, but drinking it in an excessive amount is definitely not good. Read this article in Hindi also.

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