What Are The Side Effects Of Sugarcane Juice

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What Are The Side Effects Of Sugarcane Juice

In India, Summer means a glass of sugarcane juice. Its refreshing effects are great to provide a calm and cooling effect on a sunny day. Sugarcane juice has a lot of health benefits. But much to the surprise of all, sugarcane juice can harm your body too. This also has side effects which are lesser known but we all need to be aware of these. Excessive drinking of sugarcane juice brings up these side effects. Hence, have a look at the following and know about the various side effects of sugarcane juice. (Also Read: What Are The Side Effects Of Orange Juice)

It increases calorie amount:
Sugarcane juice has an excessive amount of calories in it. One glass of sugarcane juice contains almost 269 calories which are equivalent to 100hgrammes of sugar. That is why doctors also suggest us to drink only one glass of sugarcane in a day.

It becomes toxic quickly:
Sugarcane juice becomes toxic very easily and quickly. If you store it for more than 15 minutes, it will be oxidised which is harmful to our health. Sometimes this oxidisation works like a poison inside the body and creates many stomach related problems. That is why it is better to drink fresh sugarcane juice. (Also Read: What Are The Shocking Benefits of Drinking Lemon Boiled Water)

It increases the risk of insomnia:
Sugarcane juice contains policosanol. This compound can create mild health issues in our body. Consuming this compound more than a limit can lead to head spinning, loose motion and most possibly causes insomnia.

It makes the blood thin:
The policosanol present in sugarcane juice can make your blood thin. Thus, sugarcane disables the blood to make clots which lead to excessive bleeding from your body. So, if you are consuming any medicine which is already making your blood thin, then never drink sugarcane juice.

Risks of infection:
Many times, the sugarcane sellers do not even wash the sugarcane and they put it in the machine to extract its juice. This process can make the juice unhygienic. This mixes the bacteria and pesticides into the glass of juice and can make you fall sick easily. (Also Read: What Are The Health Benefits Of Mint Water)

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