What is the right time to drink green tea

right time drink green tea

Green tea is made by drying the leaves of Camilla sinuses. The green tea contains high amounts of antioxidants which help in keeping the body healthy. By drinking green tea, you can get rid of many diseases as well as it makes you feel refreshed. Consuming green tea also gives power to your brain to work faster and also boosts the stamina of the body. Due to these very good qualities of green tea, many people prefer to consume green tea over ordinary tea. You can avail the benefits of green tea only when you consume green tea at the right time. (Also read: How to make mineral water at home)

Let’s know what is the right time to consume green tea.

After breakfast

Caffeine is also there in green tea, so it should not be consumed on empty stomach in the morning. It may cause the dehydration problem. After drinking the green tea, its good properties are absorbed by your body in a faster manner. Thus, you get the energy to work all day.

Two hours before sleeping the night

If you want to consume green tea to lose weight, you can drink green tea 2 hours before sleeping at night. If you do not want to lose weight, you should not drink green tea at night. (Also read: What are the nighttime drinks that can help you to lose weight)

Half an hour before exercise

You can also drink green tea half an hour before exercising. By doing so, the anti-oxidants and minerals in it give you a lot of strength so that you get enough energy to do the exercises.

One hour after eating

Consuming green tea immediately after the meal is harmful. The tannins and caffeine present in the green tea hamper the adsorption process. Therefore, consume green tea at least one hour after eating food.

Keep these things in mind

Green tea contains flavonoids and tannins, so its excessive consumption is also harmful. Only 2-3 cups of green tea should be consumed throughout the day. Add more water while making it. Do not use the same Tea-bag again, otherwise, you may have an infection.(Also read: What are the various side effects of aloe vera juice)

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