What Are The Myths About Lemon Water You All Should Know

What Are The Myths About Lemon Water You All Should Know

There is nothing new to talk about the amazing health benefits of lemon water. From supreme hydration to providing electrodes in the body, Lemon water help us in many ways. You can say that drinking lemon water is a solution of all the health problems. But that is not true! Lemon water cannot be one solution which will solve almost every small health issues. People have overhyped this healthy drink and have spread wrong information about it. Yes, lemon water is much important for our health but that does not mean it will solve other untrue purposes too. In a nutshell, there are a lot of myths surrounded by lemon water which should be burst. Hence, have a look at the myths and facts about lemon water and be updated with the information. (Also Read: Hot Milk Or Cold Milk: Which Milk Is More Nutritious)

Myth 1: It helps in losing weight:
People say that lemon water can help us to lose weight. It has pectin which is a fibre found in apples. This helps to lose weight. But lemon has a very small amount of the same fibre which is not enough to aid the weight loss. If you are really looking for this weight losing fibre to lose the weight, eat oats, beans, and legumes.

Myth 2: It helps in detoxification:
Many of you believe that is the best drink which detoxes your system. It is true that drinking a lot of water can detoxify your system. But, for this purpose, there is no need to put lemon into it. Other than the high vitamin C content, Lemon water hardly detoxes the system.  (Also Read: What Are The Amazing Health Benefits Of Ice Tea)

Myth 3: It boosts the metabolism:
Do you also believe that lemon water boosts the metabolism? No, it does not. Unfortunately, those who think that a glass of lemon water will help them to lose weight, they are doing it wrong. There are some foods, like cayenne pepper, temporarily can easily speed up the metabolism through the effect and the components present in the food. But, lemon water does not.

Myth 4: It has anti-ageing power:
Lemon water is a great antioxidant. That is why many people think that it can prevent ageing. It is not right. lemon water cannot make your age younger. However, lemon juice contains a good level of vitamin C, which is extremely important for skin to appear glowing. But that does not mean it will help to back up the clock of ageing. (Also Read: How To Regulate Your Mood With Amazing Healthy Drinks)

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