Magical Health Benefits Of Clove Tea

Magical Health Benefits Of Clove Tea

Tea is a crucial part of our lives. Many people can choose tea over any other attractive beverages in this world. However, if you are bored of having regular green, black tea, here is something you can definitely try, that is Clove Tea. From curing throat infection to mind freshener, clove tea can serve many purposes. This herb is not something uncommon that one can not find it, it is always there in every Indian kitchen spices.

So, let us have a look at those health benefits which are the additional part of having clove tea except the amazing taste.

Helps to cure sinus infections:
Sinus is a very common disease amongst us. A headache is the most common symptom of this. So, when it comes to headaches, cloves tea is the best remedy one can ever try. Drinking this especially in the morning clear the infections and gain quick relief from sinus. The presence of eugenol makes clove a very powerful expectorant agent which can clear up the congested phlegm and spreading warmth.

Forget gum problems and toothache:
As we all know that cloves are very famous for the anti-inflammatory components present in it. These components help in relieving swelling of gums. Moreover, it removes the bacteria from the mouth.

A natural sanitizer:
Do know that cold clove tea is an excellent hand sanitizer? Many of us do not know about this. You just have to pour few amount of clove tea in your hand palms and just have to rub it. It helps cleaning all the dirt and bacterias present in the skin. Also, the best part is it does not have any side effects.

Cools down a fever:
Clove tea has a high level of magnesium and it is a rich source of Vitamin E and K. It fights of bacterial infections. Hence, it helps in lowering the body temperature. Also, it boosts our immunity level.

Helps in digestion:
A cup of clove tea before any meal can stimulate your blood pressure and improve the production of saliva for better digestion of food. Also, clove tea boosts gastric system and possesses analgesic properties that combat acidity and stomach pain.

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