A magical drink to lose weight in 5 days

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magic drink lose weight 5 days

Excessive fat is a matter of great concern for people nowadays. The complete health of your body is important but in today’s time, people pay more attention towards reducing extra fat. Due to obesity, many people spend time working in the gym, but they still do not get results according to their wish. There have been many ways to lose weight, which you may not know about. Interestingly, here is a drink that will help you lose weight in 5 days as per your wish. (Also read: How To Make Rose Petal Wine At Home And What Are Its Benefits)

Let’s know how to make it the drinks and its methods of consumption.

What do you need to make drinks?
You do not have to go anywhere to make this drink. You can make it at home and you will find all the ingredients needed for it in your kitchen. For this, you will need the following:

  • A lemon
  • One cup of water
  • 60 gms coriander leaves

How to make?
Cut coriander leaves. Cut a lemon into two and squeeze it into it. Now grind this mixture with the help of a blender. Mix one cup of water in it and blend it again. Your drink is ready. (Also read: What are the benefits of drinking cinnamon with milk)

Tip to keep in mind
You have to consume this drink continuously for five days. Do not miss the drink for five consecutive days. If you miss the drink for any of the days, then restart this method.

How this drink help to reduce weight?
This drink helps in digestion and enhances the capacity of the immune system. It naturally enhances the process of urination in your body, which reduces flatulence. It also helps in cleansing the blood. On the other hand, lemon cleanses the blood. It contains potassium which regulates hypertension. Lemonade reduces the production of free radicals, which does not cause excess fat on your body. These two elements maintain your overall health and when you are healthy your weight remains controlled. (Also read: Fruit infused water or fruit juice: Which one is healthier)


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