How to make the healthy detox water at home

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How to make the detox water at home

Detox water is quite beneficial and healthy for the body. It helps to flush off all the toxins present in the body. Not just this, it also helps to improve the digestive system of the body. In order to lose weight, improve the digestive system, to keep the liver healthy, to reduce inflammation in the body and to have a glowing skin, we need to drink detox water daily. It even helps to boost the energy in the body. You don’t have to do much when you are planning to prepare the detox water at home. Let’s discuss how to make detox water at home. (Also read: Healthy drinks that should be given to children in order to keep them hydrated)

How to make the healthy detox water at home?

Pineapple and lemon: Pineapple and lemon are full of antioxidants. Pineapple is fat-cutter and helps to reduce the fat from the body. Cut the pineapple and lemon into small pieces. Now add them in a jar and put some mint leaves in the same. Now add some ice. Keep it in the fridge for 4 hours and then it can be consumed.

Strawberry and kiwi: Strawberry and kiwi are loaded with detox vitamin and other essential nutrients. It provides an adequate amount of nourishment to the body. It is quite effective in removing the toxins from the body. Cut the strawberry and kiwi into small pieces. Now add some mint leaves and ice in the jar full of water. Keep it in your refrigerator for 6 hours. You can consume it afterwards. (Also read: How is turmeric ginger tea is beneficial for the body)

Cucumber and orange: Orange is full of vitamin C and cucumber keep the body well hydrated. Thus, the detox water made up of cucumber and orange is extremely good for excreting out the toxins from the body. It protects the body from various diseases as well. Cut cucumber and mint leaves and add them in a glass jar. After that, add some orange pieces in it and fill it with water. Keep it in the refrigerator for 2 hours. You may drink it after that.

Watermelon and cucumber: Watermelon is full of water and antioxidants. It helps in digestion also reduces the toxins from the body. To make this, add the small pieces of watermelon and cucumber in a glass jar Add some mint leaves in it. Keep it in the refrigerator for 4 hours. Now you can drink this water. (Also read: Best healthy mocktail drinks to cool down in summers)

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