How flavoured milk impacts our health

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How flavoured milk impact on our health

Milk forms an important part of our diet. The health benefits of milk include the healthier immune system, strong bones, stronger dental system among various others. It is a rich source of calcium and Vitamin D. However, not everyone likes the taste of white plain milk, especially young kids. For making milk an attractive option for kids, artificial flavours come in handy.

To enhance the taste of milk, artificial flavours are added to it. Flavours like chocolate, strawberry or vanilla are very popular due to their appealing taste. Flavoured milk might enhance the taste but what is their impact on the nutrition value of the milk?

Flavoured milk of any kind contains artificial sweeteners. They use artificial elements, which replace the original nutrients in milk. It adds extra sugar and calories to the milk. Flavoured milk uses pre-made, flavours that are prepared in factories.

Manufacturers add ingredients to increase the shelf life of their products which also have a negative impact on the health of the consumer.  Humans are mammals, which is why the intake of milk is helpful to maintain a healthy body. Using artificial elements in the milk loses its value.

The use of flavour is a successful experiment. It helps to encourage more people to include milk in their everyday life.However, this habit turned out to be more of a bane than born plain white milk is certainly a great source of nutrition. However, when it is mixed with artificial flavouring, it tends to lose its value. The threat of obesity is higher for the children in growing stage. Flavoured milk tends to push it forward and help them to gain extra calories.

If drinking the plain white milk is completely out of the question then the best possible solution is to look for other sources of dairy, other than milk. For example, the curd is an excellent source of nutrition. Cottage cheese is also an excellent source of calcium. It helps to maintain strong bones and teeth

Milk with added flavour is a fun option. However, it is not a healthy one.  In everyday diet, it has more negative impact than the positive.

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