How does drinking cardamom water help your body

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How does drinking cardamom water help your body

Cardamom commonly known as Elaichi is one of the most used spices in an Indian kitchen. It not only adds flavour and essence to the food but also helps the body in many aspects. Drinking cardamom water for a week helps the body in various ways. Besides giving good taste to the food, cardamom is loaded with various other health benefits. It helps to treat the dental problem and also aids the process of digestion in the body. It eradicates the foul odour from mouth and gives you a refreshing breath. Listed below are the various benefits that cardamom water does to our body. Cardamom has great minerals and vitamins in it which is why it has great benefits to serve to our body. (Also read: What are the best refreshing alternatives to soda drinks)

How does drinking cardamom water help your body?

Helps in digestion: Cardamom water helps to solve the problem of a disturbed digestive system of the body. It helps to fight the problem of bloated stomach, gas, acidity and even nausea. Besides this, drinking cardamom water for a week also helps to reduce the problem of constipation.

Helps to detoxify the body: Cardamom water is extremely beneficial to remove the harmful toxins from the body. It helps the kidney to through the waste out from the body easily. (Also read: What are the best beautifying healthy drinks)

Good for dental health: Cardamom is used in most of the mouth fresheners and toothpaste. It helps to fight the problem of bad breath and also fights various bacterial infections. It is also effective in providing relief to the mouth ulcers and the throat infection as well.

Builds immunity: Cardamom water is extremely beneficial in boosting the immunity of the body. It fights various viral and flu infections and creates a shielding for the body. Be it throat infection which tends to also cause viral can be fought with cardamom water. It even provides relief to the problem of bronchitis.

Fights signs of ageing: Being antioxidant in nature, cardamom water helps to fight the early signs of ageing in the body. It frees the body from the free radical movement of cells. Besides this, it also helps the skin to look fresh.

How to make cardamom water?
In order to prepare cardamom water, grind some buds of the cardamom. Mix these ground cardamom seeds and water in a vessel. Add some cloves into the mixture. Boil the water but don’t over boil it. It will spoil the taste and make it bitter in taste. Let it cool for some time now and sieve the same. Add 3 spoons of cardamom water in plain water and drink the mixture. You can add some lemon juice to it if you want to twist the taste of the same. (Also read: What are the health benefits of drinking peach juice)

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