How Butter Tea Is Beneficial For Our Health

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What Are The Butter Tea Benefits To Health

The butter tea is out of the league in tea categories due to its salty taste. This is a tea made by using spices, water, butter, milk and minimum of jaggery. Originated in India and commonly consumed in Tibet and Nepal, the butter tea gives immense benefits to the health. From increasing energy levels to help in the process of digestion and much more, butter tea can prove to be a great healthy drink for almost everyone. Therefore, take a read below on amazing butter tea benefits to the health. (Also Read: How is drinking turmeric milk beneficial for health)

Eases Constipation:

The fats help to lubricate the food which helps the stool to pass faster. Therefore, butter tea being good in fat content helps in easing the problem of constipation by the easy passing of stool.

Boosts Brain Health:

The butter tea is rich in antioxidants which help in fighting the free radical damage to the brain. Moreover, it helps in reducing the risk of Dementia and Alzheimers’ Disease hence, it helps in giving a boost to brain health even when you age. (Also Read: How Garlic Milk Is Good For Health)

Good For Digestion:

The butter tea boosts the metabolism rate in the body which helps in the easy digestion of food. It helps in preventing the acid reflux by reducing the acid level in the body. Hence, drinking butter tea is extremely good for digestion.

Fights Nausea:

It also helps in giving a boost to energy by fighting nausea, fatigue and dizziness. The antioxidants and catechins found in butter tea tremendously help in increasing the body immunity making you feel refreshed.

Reduces Food Cravings:

The butter tea is also an appetite suppressant. It helps in increasing the metabolic rate of the body while reducing the cravings for food with a good supply of fat to the body. Thus, your stomach feels fuller for a longer period of time.

Butter tea is extremely good for your health. Hence, make it a point to have this healthy drink for a good functioning of your body.(Also Read: Healthy Juices To Treat Constipation)

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