Hot Milk Or Cold Milk: Which Milk Is More Nutritious

Hot Milk Or Cold Milk: Which Milk Is More Nutritious

There is nothing new to talk about the health benefits of milk. This is the finest source of calcium, protein, vitamins and many other healthy nutrients. People like to drink milk in many forms. Few of us like to drink it right after boiling i.e the hot form. Few of us drink it with few cubes of ice to make it more subtle and calm. But have you ever wondered which form of milk is better for health? Does boiled milk lose its nutrients as it gets evaporated a little? So, we have come up with some facts about hot and cold milk. Hope this helps you to make a better choice. (Also Read: What Are The Alternatives To Drinking Dairy Milk)

How beneficial is hot milk?
When we boil milk, it becomes a solution which helps the digestive system to work better. In fact, it prevents the digestion problems like diarrhoea and bloating. If you make your little baby drink hot milk at night, it will become pretty much easier to make him sleep. Moreover, milk contains some essential amino acids which are tryptophan that produces serotonin and melatonin that provides better sleep. So, when you boil milk, the production of these two chemicals starts boosting.

How beneficial is cold milk?
Cold milk seems that it can preserve the nutrients better as there is no chance of boiling it and making it evaporated. So, cold milk can soothe your body well. It helps you to soothe acidity and provides the very high amount of calcium to the body. Cold milk helps your body to prevent the excess acidity. Furthermore, cold milk has electrolytes that can help your body fight dehydration. But when you start boiling the milk and make it hot, these electrolytes become evaporated. Doctors say, drinking a glass of cold milk early in the morning can make your body hydrated throughout the day. However, avoid it during sleep time as it may promote digestive issues. Cold milk is also known to be a natural face cleanser.

Which milk is best, hot milk or cold milk?
The actual fact is, hot and cold milk has an acute dependency on weather and time. For example, hot milk is best when you consume this in winters with some chunks of turmeric inside it. It makes your body warm and gives you a relief. The same way, if you want to make your body calm and sober during summers, drink a glass of cold milk in the summertime to reduces the problem of ‘Pitta’. But, if you make opposite choices of milk, it will harm you more than providing any nutrients. So, your choice has to be wise. But, you can choose the milk at medium temperature in any season. Milk is itself a superfood which will only give you health benefits. (Also Read: What Are The Amazing Health Benefits Of Ice Tea)

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