Healthy Drinks Which Help You To Get Rid Of Cold And Cough

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Healthy Drinks Which Help You To Get Rid Of Cold And Cough


Cold and cough are a vet irritation illness we all get quite often. It has become the most common illness in the human body. Many of us do not even prefer to go for medication because of its frequent arrival and it is less dangerous as well. Cold and cough mainly attack our throat and nose. That is why some antioxidant foods or drinks help us the most during these ill days. There are a lot of drinks you can have to calm the weakness and the cough stuck in the throat. Hence, we are here to tell you about those amazing drinks which can help you to get recover from cold and cough quickly.

Green Tea:
We already shared the benefits of drinking this healthful brew before, but be sure to sip some extra cups if you feel a cold coming on this drink can give you the extra boost you need to get over your cold faster.

Tomato Juice:
Doctors recommend this drink, noting that tomato juice is rich in antioxidants and lycopene — and flushes the system.

Ginger-Cayenne-Honey Tisane:
This classic homoeopathic cure for colds is a balance of healthful ingredients: Ginger have antibacterial properties, lemon is full with vitamin C, the capsaicin in cayenne assists your body in thinning mucus (so your coughs can be more productive), and honey soothes a sore throat, as well as bolstering the immune system.

Black Tea with Lemon:
While hydrating yourself by drinking water and non-caffeinated tisanes is critical for wellness, the tannins in black tea may tighten the membranes in your throat, and even a splash of lemon contains a boost of Vitamin C.

Grapefruit Juice
Grapefruit juice is high in vitamin C, Try to avoid pre-made or concentrated juices from the store as they are very high in sugar. It is always best to blend juices at home to get the full benefit while controlling what does or doesn’t go in the blender.

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