Healthy drinks to be taken before sleep

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healthy drinks to be taken before sleep

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If you want to sit down and read a book after eating after dinner, then you need something to drink with it. But daily you can not consume wine. Consuming hard drinks daily is harmful to health. It also increases the weight. But before bedtime, you can consume some other healthy drinks. They also help you to get proper sleep and also release fatigue. (Also read: How Can You Make Your Milk Healthier)

Here are healthy drinks that you should drink at night before sleeping.

Simple water

The most healthy beverage is water before sleeping at night. You can wake up at night and consume water. There is no harm in this. It removes the alkaline from the body and boosts digestion. It also improves the function of the liver. If you do not found taste in plain water then you can add lemons, ginger, mint and orange in it. It is beneficial after dinner at night. Provide nutrients to the body and helps the body to keep it hydrated.

Sparkling Water

If you don’t want to drink plain water then you can drink sparkling water. You can increase its taste by mixing berry, herb or seasonal fruits in it. If you are not able to consume sparkling water, you can consume plain water. (Also read: How is drinking turmeric milk beneficial for health)

healthy drinks to be taken before sleep
You can drink tea anytime. You can make many types of tea. Green Tea, Black Tea, Ginger Tea etc. Drink any kind of tea before sleeping. It makes you feel good. Tea improves immunity, improves wounds quickly, improves breathing problem and also improves lung function. But Chamomile tea is best for bedtime.

If you want to drink some good drink, but you do not want to eat soda, then you can consume the combo. It is a natural fermentation tea which becomes carbonate during the fermentation process. You can put lemons, ginger, mint to taste in it. You can also add sparkling water to in it. (Also read: Which Drinks Are Healthier Than Water)

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