Healthy drinks that should be given to children in order to keep them hydrated

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Healthy drinks that should be given to children in order to keep them hydrated

Summers lead to sweating which eventually leads to dehydration and lack of energy in the body. Thus, during summers, in order to keep the children well hydrated, one must drink an adequate amount of water. However, children are not aware of the benefits of drinking water and staying hydrated. Thus, to keep them well hydrated during summertime, one must make the children drink some healthy drinks. All the drinks are not healthy as some of them contain artificial sweetener which is not good for the health of the child. Let’s discuss some of the healthy drinks which are beneficial for the child during summers. (Also read: How is turmeric ginger tea is beneficial for the body)

Healthy drinks for children in order to keep them hydrated

Watermelon juice: Watermelon juice has approximately 96 percent water. Besides this, it contains vitamin A, B6, C and other anti-oxidants. Thus, making your child drink watermelon juice is extremely beneficial.

Lemon water: Lemon water contains vitamin C which helps to fight various diseases as it contains necessary anti-oxidants in it. Thus, it keeps the body well hydrated. Therefore, drinking lemon water during the summertime is extremely beneficial for the children. (Also read: Best healthy mocktail drinks to cool down in summers)

Coconut water: In order to keep the body well hydrated during summers, try to drink coconut water in place of normal water. It boosts the energy of the body and also keeps you well hydrated.

Buttermilk: During summertime, buttermilk is a common beverage in the Indian households. However, not many people know about the benefits of buttermilk. It is made up of milk thus it has calcium, protein and riboflavin etc. which are essential nutrients to keep the body healthy. Drinking buttermilk keeps the children hydrated and also helps them to get rid of constipation. In order to keep the body healthy during summer, drinking buttermilk is a healthy choice.

Fruit juice: Many children don’t like to eat fruits. In such a situation you can make your child drink fruit juice. This will keep their body well hydrated and healthy at the same time. You can give them orange juice, watermelon juice, berries juice, grape juice etc. (Also read: What are the disadvantages of drinking coconut water)

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