What Are The Health Benefits Of Tulsi Or Basil Tea

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What Are The Health Benefits Of Tulsi Or Basil Tea

Tulsi tea or holy basil tea has a lot of health benefits. If you are looking for any tea which is the most refreshing one, you should definitely choose tulsi tea. It has therapeutic effects which keep us away from bacteria, viruses and other contagious diseases. Also, tulsi tea has magnesium which helps your blood vessels to work perfectly. Hence, it helps our body systems to work better and makes your blood circulation better. It is a kind of an energy drink which is like a dose of a glass of glucose in your body. Hence, have a look at the following and know about the other health benefits of Tulsi or Basil tea. (Also Read: What Are The Health Benefits Of Saffron Milk (Kesar Doodh))

Good for stomach’s health:
Tulsi tea has a lot of anti-Spasmodic which helps you to get rid of constipation and other stomach diseases. Our digestion system is associated with liver and bladder. That is why when we drink tulsi tea it helps in detoxification throughout these organs. Furthermore, Tulsi has anti-inflammatory properties which make your stomach, liver and kidneys stay healthy and infection-free.

Gives you better sleep:
Tulsi makes us stay energetic and healthy. Apart from this, it provides you better sleep at night too. Those who suffer from insomnia, basil tea can be great for their health. It provides relief to our nervous system which helps us to sleep peacefully. (Also Read: What Are The Drinks We Think As Healthy But Not Actually Are)

Good for oral health:
Basil tea has anti-micro bacterial effects which make you oral health better. It even prevents your teeth from getting any from food stain which makes them appear dark yellow coloured. It even removes the ulcers, cavities from your mouth and teeth. It simply works like a mouth freshener.

Relieves you from stress:
Tulsi tea is a great stress buster. Cortisol which is a stress hormone appears higher when we suffer from stress and anxiety. Tulsi tea can control the increment of this hormone. The relaxing effect of this tea can help to stay relaxed when your brain is in trouble.

Increases your stamina:
Tulsi tea has a lot of antioxidants and magnesium which increases the oxygen flow in your body. So, you feel energetic and your stamina gets boosted. That is why many people prefer to drink tulsi tea after coming from workouts. (Also Read: How To Make Rose Petal Wine At Home And What Are Its Benefits)

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