What Are The Health Benefits Of Drinking Lassi

What Are The Health Benefits Of Drinking Lassi

As the summer is here, keeping you healthy and cool is the most important thing. A great diet and a healthy lifestyle will help you at this. Who does not like a glass full of lassi during summer time? It not just keeps you cool and refreshed, but it has a lot of health benefits too. Adding a glass of lassi with your regular meal can keep all your health issues at bay. Furthermore, you can add many flavours and extracts of healthy herbs, fruits, superfoods into it. Thus, no wonder a glass of lassi is bliss to your health. Have a look at the following and know about the health benefits of lassi. (Also Read: Which Summer Soups Can Detox Your Body Thoroughly)

Reduces stomach problems:
Drinking a glass of lassi can keep you away from all types of stomach problems. It prevents stomach ache, bloating, food poisoning etc. It has probiotics which kill all the bacteria and removes toxins from your body. In fact, if you have problems like constipation and piles, lassi can help you in this. Just add some jeera and ajwain and drink it during the daytime.

Provides you probiotics:
Lassi has probiotics which are extremely beneficial for your health. It cleans your the and removes all the harmful toxins which disturb the digestion process. If you consume this regularly, it will promote the growth of healthy bacteria and reduce the growth of bad bacteria in your gut. (Also Read: What Are The Side Effects Of Sugarcane Juice)

Strengthens your bone:
The curd is enriched with calcium and protein. So, these compounds help you strengthen your bones. Other than that, it will make your teeth stronger and healthier. You should provide lassi to your kids also to strengthen their bones.

Boosts your Immunity:
Everyday consumption of lassi can help you boost your immune system. Curd or yoghurt has a lot of Vitamin D and lactic acid. These compounds boost your immune system to a great extent.

Reduces cholesterol and boosts metabolism:
As curd has probiotics, it makes helps to reduce the bad cholesterol in the arteries and simultaneously boosts your metabolism. It gives a lot of healthy bacteria which reduce toxins and aids good activities in your body. (Also Read: What Are The Side Effects Of Orange Juice)

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