What Are The Health Benefits Of Cabbage Juice

What Are The Health Benefits Of Cabbage Juice

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The cabbage is a green leafy vegetable widely consumed in India in almost all regions. However, there will be only a few people who must be aware of its great health benefits. Cabbage is a rich source of Vitamin K, Vitamin C and Vitamin B6. Along with these vital nutrients, the cabbage is also infused with a high content of Dietary Fibre, Manganese, Potassium, Folate and many others. Drinking cabbage juice is utmost beneficial due to the presence of almost every vital nutrient. Hence, below mentioned are some amazing health benefits of cabbage juice.

Treats Colitis:

The presence of Chlorine and Sulphur in cabbage make it a great remedy to cure colitis. Both chlorine and sulphur help in reducing the inflammation of the large intestine and colon thus, drinking cabbage juice can effectively treat the problem of colitis.

Fights Anaemia:

Cabbage is rich in Folic acid which helps in building new blood cells. Moreover, being high in Iron too, cabbage juice can help to increase your haemoglobin level. Therefore, drinking cabbage juice is great as it helps cure anaemia.

Prevents Hair Fall:

The presence of high content of Sulphur in cabbage helps in preventing hair fall and also encouraging new hair growth. Drinking cabbage juice or applying it on the hair is beneficial if you are suffering from hair fall problem.

Promotes Weight Loss:

Drinking cabbage juice or eating raw cabbage both are essential if you are planning to reduce weight. The cabbage juice helps in purifying the upper section of the abdomen thus, making the process of waste elimination easier. It enhances digestion and cures obesity.

Treats Ulcers:

Cabbage contains a compound called Vitamin U which is available in green vegetables. This compound is also known as ‘cabbagen’ which helps in treating the ulcer. The compound ‘cabbagen’ strengthens the inner layers of the stomach making them resistant to the ulcer. Hence, drinking cabbage juice fights against ulcer.

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