What Are The Health Benefits Of Aam Panna

What Are The Health Benefits Of Aam Panna

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In India, aam panna is the most popular drink during the summer season. It is made with raw mangoes and there is no doubt that raw mangoes are full of health benefits. As the summer is very strong in our country, drinking aam panna this time will work as a coolant, will hydrate the body and will provide the essential electrolytes which you lose during this hot weather. Not only this, drinking aam panna has a lot of health benefits too. Here has a look at the following and know about them. (Also Read: What Are The Health Benefits Of Drinking Lassi)

Good for Cardiac health:
We lose a lot of body salt, especially sodium during summers. So, drinking a glass of aam panna is sufficient for balancing these electrolytes as it is rich with a lot of minerals. Excessive loss of sodium will directly attack your cardiac system and it becomes prone to strokes and heart attacks. So, drink aam panna and stay healthy in this summer.

A great source of various nutrients:
A glass of aam panna during summers is a bliss. It has a lot of vitamin A, calcium, magnesium and iron along with vitamin C. These compounds will promote a good health and better immune system. It can improve your skin as it has vitamin C and beta-carotene. (Also Read: Which Summer Soups Can Detox Your Body Thoroughly)

Good for your eyes:
Raw mangoes are enriched with vitamin A which is extremely beneficial for our eyes. It protects your eyes from various issues like dry eyes, night blindness. So, drinking a glass of aam panna every day will keep your vision healthy.

Prevents developing diabetes:
Yes! Aam panna prevents your body to develop diabetes. It will normalise the blood insulin level in the body. Moreover, aam panna has a low glycemic index, which means this beverage does not contain any risk of increasing the blood sugar level. But make sure you drink it moderately.

A good remedy for constipation:
Raw mangoes have a lot of soluble fibres which help to ease the digestion. Besides that, this tangy juice gives you bio-active components such as ester, aldehyde, etc. These compounds are important for the better digestive system and prevent constipation.(Also Read: What Are The Side Effects Of Sugarcane Juice)

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