Four Signs That Indicate You Are Not Drinking Enough Water

Four Signs That Indicate You Are Not Drinking Enough Water


When our unquenchable thirst increases, especially on a super hot sunny day, we prefer to drink a glass of water with two small ice cubes. Noone can deny the fact that water is the most satisfactory drink than any other soda or juices. But many of us do not drink enough water. When we do not drink enough water, our body starts dehydrating. If this dehydration increases then we can face a lot of physical problems. Few of them can be life-threatening too. That is why water is named as life.

For an adult body, the requirement of water is almost 8-9 litres per day. But if the quantity is less, then the chances are high that we face these following problems in our body. Let us have a look at these problems. You can have a reality check if any of these physical ailments are similar to yours. (Also Read: What Are The Alternatives To Drinking Dairy Milk)

You are the victim of headaches:
Having a headache is a very common problem for us. Next time when you will have this, try to drink a glass of water rather than searching for painkillers. When we have enough hydration in our body the brain tissues work well. Our entire brain is 80 percent of water. Hence, when the water level reduces we feel a headache and other problems related to head and brain.

Dry skin problems:
When you drink less water, appearing dry skin is a very common problem. It needs to be hydrated all day-night long. In winters, we get dry skin. The primary reason for happening this is the dry weather. But do you know it is also the reason of drinking less water? We usually drink less water during winters because of the cold and chilly weather. The urge of thirst becomes low. That is why dry skin comes out. Moreover, lack of water in our body leads to lack of sweating. That means our body is less capable to wash away excess dirt and oil. This is the reason of having breakouts and allergies. (Also Read: Some Amazing Health Benefits Of Cucumber Water)

The blurred and dry vision of eyes:
When we feel the dehydration, your eyes will first let you know that you are drinking less water. If your eye sore dry and having bloodshot suddenly, please drink a glass of water. We should always keep in mind that our eyes also like to stay hydrated.

Joint pains:
Our bone joints such as cartilage and spinal discs are made by water and semi-liquid fluids. This is an absolutely important thing to make your bone joints work efficiently. When out bones grind against each other than the fluid helps to move each other. But if we drink less water, then the fluid gradually absorbs and it increases the pain while moving the joints. (Also Read: Four Amazing Juices For Weight Loss)

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