What Are The Drinks You Should Not Consume After Dinner

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What Are The Drinks You Should Not Consume After Dinner

It necessary to complete the dinner at the right time and later on drink some light liquid to get a nice sleep. Many of us have this healthy habit. In fact, we all should follow this, but do you know what are the mild liquids we should drink at night? Maybe you are drinking or eating wrong foods which can hamper your sleep and overall health. So, the fact is, many of us do not even know which drinks to avoid after dinner. Hence, we have come up with some drinks which are strictly avoidable at night. Have a look at the following and know about these drinks. (Also Read: What Are The Health Benefits Of Cardamom Tea)

People just love drinking coffee after dinner. It gives them a sense of relaxation. But if you are addicted to coffee at night, you will definitely feel that you are suffering from insomnia gradually. Actually, the caffeine present in coffee makes your sleep disturbed and it keeps your mind awake. That is why people who work on late nights, they drink coffee to stay up.

Flavoured water:
Flavoured water can be more satisfying for your thirst but they are not healthy. These water contain artificial colours, preservatives and sometimes chemicals. Other than that, these water contain a high level of calories and sugar which gradually make your body become fat especially if you consume them before bed. (Also Read: What Are The Myths About Lemon Water You All Should Know)

Cow milk:
Many of us prefer to drink milk before bed. In fact, some people think that cow milk is healthier than any other kinds of milk.But it is a myth. Cow’s milk can be harmful to your bones as it contains acidic animal protein that removes calcium from the bones. Moreover, it is a source of calories, unwanted fat and antibiotics. So do not drink it before bed.

Packaged apple juice:
Packaged juices are not healthy for health. You can even drink a glass of homemade apple juice but not these market-available juices. These drinks are full of the sucrose besides the natural fructose that we find in fresh juice. So, if your body gets these sugar and fructose at night, it will not let you digest the drink. So, make it clear that prevention is better than cure.

Energy drinks or sports drinks:
It is natural that energy drinks will provide energy to your body. These drinks boost your metabolism and will give you enthusiasm and energy. So, if you consume these drinks after having a dinner, then these drinks will make you stay high on energy and away from sleeping. So, never drink these beverages at night. (Also Read: Hot Milk Or Cold Milk: Which Milk Is More Nutritious)

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